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The Data Dilemma: Unlocking Efficiency without Overburdening Your Team

21 September 2023

In today's rapidly digitizing industrial landscape, the pressure to collect, analyze, and act on data is ever-mounting. But with limited human resources, how do industries keep pace without overtaxing their staff? Dive deep into how outsourcing your data collection can revolutionize operations and bring peace of mind to your people.

Edge AI: Paving the Path Forward

01 September 2023

In the continuously evolving landscape of technology, Edge AI has emerged as a buzzword. To the uninitiated, Edge AI represents the implementation of artificial intelligence in an edge computing environment. Simply put, it allows computations to be executed close to where data is generated, as opposed to relying on a centralized cloud computing facility or a distant data center. As the AI revolution sweeps industries, the implications for Edge computing are profound. To understand this transformation and its implications better, we sat down with the co-founder and CTO of Helin: Martijn Handels.

Digital Twins: The Future of Operational Efficiency in the Marine & Energy Sectors

28 August 2023

As we stand on the brink of another technological revolution, the rise of digital twins offers a transformative solution for businesses in the marine and energy sectors. Imagine if you could simulate every aspect of your asset - from solar panels to colossal cranes - and predict outcomes with uncanny accuracy. With our cutting-edge SaaS product, the Helin Platform, that’s not just a vision—it’s reality.

Harnessing the Power of Data: Top 5 Monitoring Use Cases

12 July 2023

As the digital world evolves, the amount of data generated and collected has skyrocketed. For many businesses, particularly in sectors dealing with industrial assets, handling this data efficiently and securely can lead to a significant competitive advantage.

Optimizing MPD operations: How to get data to work for you

17 March 2022

Data is being hyped as the answer to all your problems. “Give me your data, I’ll find the solution” is an often-heard claim. But we all know that is not the truth. In Helin’s experience, data alone is never enough; you also need domain knowledge, intelligence and a structured approach. This 3-step example of work done for Noble Drilling shows how data can work for you and reduce your operational costs.