Innovative Edge-to-Cloud Analytics

Money-saving, safer remote operations

Your operation needs to be managed remotely, with complex systems, improved safety standards and fewer people. So, your next logical step is de-centralized advanced analytics right where your operation happens. Unfortunately, most platforms can’t capture the level of detail that your organisation needs.

With Polaris, you can improve the effectiveness and business value of your fleet-wide operations. Perform advanced analytics at the edge, share your operational insights throughout your fleet and optimize your bottom-line.

Polaris shifts analytics from isolated data to real time control

Polaris is the answer to increasing demand for high-performance and scalable edge computation and monitoring. It combines local artificial intelligence with a centrally managed data infrastructure. Polaris analyses data with higher accuracy and lower latency, saving on network costs.

Advanced edge analytics

Advanced edge analytics

Benefit from greater accuracy and performance. Deploy real-time analytics, machine learning and computer vision capabilities exactly where you need them: right at the edge.

Centralized management

Centralized management

Our centralized platform management ensures the highest security and uptime standards, plus the lowest costs for maintenance and operation. Improve your solution and save money at the same time.

Scalable platform

Scalable platform

Scale your Polaris platform to your business needs. Our modular structure offers a low entry point, with the option to scale up to hundreds of nodes. You can focus on your growth, we’ll support you.


Edge-to-cloud analytics products

Upgrade your remote operation and implement our customizable edge analytics products.


Edge-to-cloud custom development

Your custom edge-to-cloud integrated solution developed with care by our consultancy service.

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Share our expertise

We’re happy to share our expertise with you and customize our edge solutions to fit your specific needs. We’ve supported numerous clients and learned a lot in the process. That’s how we’re confident that we can meet your specific needs. Sharing our expertise is at the heart of our consultancy services.

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Proof of value

You know you prioritize bottlenecks. You also know a digital edge solution will solve your challenge. But what you don’t know yet is if it will work. That’s why you want proof of its business value and feasibility.

Get the answers you need. We validate your business case and the technical feasibility. We structure, specify, validate and report back to you. All within 3 weeks.

We are Helin

We optimize the efficiency and safety of remote operations. We offer you innovative edge analytics & monitoring solutions to improve your daily operations. Helin combines smart technology, advanced analytics, and business engagement for your benefit. All brought to you by an engaged team, always willing to figure out the best way to meet your goals.

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