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Data, application & security in a single platform

Our edge computing platform meets your demand for high-performance and scalable edge computation and monitoring. Combine local artificial intelligence with a centrally managed data infrastructure for more accuracy, reduced congestion on your network and lower costs.

Collect remote industrial process data

Collect all data from sensors, equipment and more in a care-free and manageable way. A flexible bridge between your data generation and data analysis.

Deploy and manage edge applications

Configure, store, and deploy your applications via our platform. Decide which asset can access an application. Improve your workflow, safety and overall efficiency.

Secure & monitor your whole platform

Keep your data secure with multi-modal platform security via our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Encrypt your data, interfaces, and applications.

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4 reasons to use the Helin platform

Connectivity costs

Smart edge analytics reduce data transfer, leading to lower connectivity costs. Bandwidth limitations no longer apply.

Data sovereignty

Regulations and company standards can limit data permissions and demand stringent data security and quality. This can stand in the way of sending data to a cloud endpoint.

Low latency

Analytics results often need to be calculated real time despite bandwidth challenges. Think of alerts to inform local operations. Edge computing makes this possible.

Fleet manageability

The volume of sensor data at the edge can be huge. That’s why you only want to collect essential data in the central cloud to keep the data infrastructure manageable.

Specialized in the Renewable Energy and Offshore & Maritime industries

Helin provides innovative edge analytics and monitoring solutions, so you can improve the safety and efficiency of your daily operations.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Maximize your uptime at minimal maintenance cost in this fast-changing and maturing industry.

Offshore & Maritime

Offshore & Maritime

Optimize your global fleet with local customization, scalable analytics, unified insights and maximum system health.

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Proof of Value

You have a problem you need solving. You also know a digital edge solution could solve it. But what you don’t know yet, is if it will actually work. That’s why you need proof before you can start.

Get the answers you need. We’ll validate your business case and the technical feasibility. We’ll structure, specify and validate, then report back to you. All within 3 weeks.

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