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Energy transition

Renewable Energy

Industry challenges

It is hard to keep up to date with the newest technologies in this fast-changing sector. Therefore, your system should be flexible and more homogeneous. Since it is a rather young industry, technical problems are more common. The industry should be more standardized to minimize errors.

How Polaris works for the Renewable Energy industry

Polaris delivers freedom to be agnostic to what type of inverter, wind turbine of geothermal ESP you select. It provides you with the ownership to control your operation and flexibility to adjust to new inventions within your domain.

Safe remote operations

Offshore & Marine

Industry challenges

You want to make your 24/7 operating remote fleet efficient and safe. Having to rely on satellites for communication, local crews and a large variety of machines make it difficult to standardize. One of your main targets is to minimize your environmental footprint.

How Polaris works for the Offshore & Marine industry

Polaris unifies your data sources and manages intermitted connectivity. We lift your sometimes 20-year old assets to a future-proof integrated fleet. From reducing fuel consumption to automatic reporting. And from remote support to smart safety alerts.

Changing end-users

Equipment Rentals

Industry challenges

Your equipment is operated by changing end-users. Your goal is to maximize utilization and minimize downtime. You want to provide remote support to your clients and be proactive on equipment degradation and misuse. 

How Polaris works for the Equipment Rental industry

Polaris helps you to introduce value-added services on top of your equipment rental. Share process data, while being assured that client A cannot access the data from client B. Create alerts in case your equipment is not operated in the right manner. Have actual insights in how your equipment returns to your yard.

Process optimization

Discrete Manufacturing

Industry challenges

You are manufacturing large amounts of items. Each item should be with the same high quality without variations. A large amount of sensor and video data is created for every single item. You want to optimize this process continuously by removing bottlenecks, identifying best practices and automate where possible.

How Polaris works for the Discrete Manufacturing industry

Polaris delivers high fidelity data, combining sensor data with CCTV camera data. Deploy your own computer vision analytics to keep your intellectual property within your control. Polaris monitors your system health and maximizes your security standards. 

Secure & correct


Industry challenges

Tracing your quality products and validating your secure processes can be a challenging task. Everything is about health, quality and security. Vulnerabilities are no option. This imposes strict conditions to any monitoring, analytics or optimization setup.

How Polaris works for the Pharmaceutical industry

Polaris helps to implement new functionalities within a secure environment. It reduces the gap between your Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT). It also monitors your manufacturing process to detect any variations and disruptions.

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