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A selection of our success stories with our world-wide clients.

Creating a smart solar grid

Sunrock transforms from developer of solar farms into a dedicated solar energy producer. To put them in charge of the solar farm management we implemented our dedicated solar farm ecosystem built on the Helin Platform.

Future-proofing a global offshore fleet

Boskalis operates the world's largest offshore fleet. These vessels must be agile to support transitions. An edge computing infrastructure enables Boskalis to reduce emissions and improve performance.

Improving offshore wind installation

IQIP is a dominant and innovative OEM of pile driving and pile handling equipment. IQIP asked Helin to engineer and implement a scalable, fleet-wise, edge-to-cloud data infrastructure.

Improving safety using deep learning

Maersk Drilling is constantly striving to increase safety and efficiency. Working with FMJ Rolloos, we developed and implemented a vision-based AI solution to alert crews in case of unsafe situations.

Making remote operations visible

Noble Corporation depends on satellite communications for their offshore rigs. To stream their live video to shore we implemented our dedicated edge-to-cloud CCTV solution.

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