Red Zone Manager

Helin's Red Zone Manager is designed to optimize drilling operations while increasing the safety of the crew. An intuitive user interface informs the driller when people enter a red zone. Special status lights alert them when they are in an unsafe area at that moment. The increased situational awareness increases the safety of the entire drill crew.

People detection

Video analytics continuously monitors people's locations. No need to wear special tags or markers. Clever engineering means it is fast, accurate, and works in all weather conditions.

Conditional red zones

Entering red zones should be like crossing the street. You stay out until the light is green. And as soon as equipment starts moving, high-risk areas become no-go or red zones.

Intuitive alerts & interface

Drillers and the operator have continuous insight into everyone’s positions. In blind spots too. If there is a safety breach, the crew and the operator are both notified immediately.

How Helin's Red Zone Manager supports you

Future-proof safety for hazardous operations

The offshore industry can be a challenging working environment. Heavy machines moving up and down in areas where people have to concentrate on skilled tasks. These 'red zones' are high risk areas. It is important to increase your workers' situational awareness to reduce accidents. And to make automation and other improvements possible.

Red Zone Service

In control and fully supported

Helin Red Zone Manager is a fully supported service. We train your crew to configure and maintain the system and stay standby as your 2nd and 3rd line of support. You get a modular, open system which lets you expand your own solutions and integrate your data for even more analyses and control.

Job by design

Helin gets your crew engaged by working closely with them. Your repetitive operations will be defined in clear procedures through workshops and scenario simulations.

Reporting tool

Deep dive into all your data with a user-friendly reporting tool. Compare crews, rigs, operations, and more. Identify hotspots and support your HSE briefings and toolbox meetings with clear, justified insights.

Remote support

We make sure you have spares on your rig. And we train your ET, so that they can maintain your system. Our remote support team and field engineers give you all the support you need as well.

Advanced vision analytics

Integrating video & data for bigger goals

Our Red Zone Manager uses advanced vision analytics. This modular, scalable edge analytics platform gives you real-time processing. We outperform 99% of all other analytics solutions with an end-to-end latency of only 150 milliseconds. Think what else you could do with that!

Computer vision

We build our own deep learning analytics, which go way beyond the standard proofs of concept. Our focus is that you can run 24/7 on the edge and in all circumstances. Our analytics has the lowest latency and highest reliability available.

Data management

Video is integrated with sensor data coming from drilling equipment. Different data protocols are unified and time-synchronized. Via smart data quality monitoring and filtering we are able to transform huge amounts of streaming data into instant accurate results and alerts.

Future use cases

Our Red Zone Manager runs on our platform. The layered and modular structure allows you to expand to new, future use cases. Imagine advanced equipment and process monitoring, people vs robots, and more.


Improving safety using deep learning

Noble is constantly striving to increase safety and efficiency. That’s why they wanted to implement a conditional red zone monitoring solution on the Noble Discoverer rig. Helin developed and implemented a vision-based AI solution to alert crews in case of unsafe situations.

Benefits for Noble

Our Red Zone Manager was implemented on the Helin Platform. The most important result was increased situational awareness and crew safety on the drill floor. The powerful analytics, actionable insights, and simple user interface support both management and crew in their work.


Why Helin's Red Zone Manager?

Make your operations safe

Red Zone Manager protects, increases efficiency and supports future automation.

Decrease downtime and accidents

Helin’s Red Zone Manager guarantees more uptime and a safer working environment. This comes from greater awareness of the situation, optimized drilling procedures and built-in backups. The working area is monitored by at least two cameras, so if one camera fails, the system won’t let you down.

Improved operational processes

Helin’s Red Zone Manager gives you the operational insights you need to improve your procedures and operational processes. You can easily generate statistics about the interaction between your drill crew and drilling machines.

Easy to implement

The flexibility of our Red Zone Manager means it will always fit your organization. We built a simple interface, so it’s easy to use for your people.

Cost effective

Using standard equipment and a cleverly designed system means a cost-effective system. And there is usually no need for downtime when maintenance is needed, as most of the parts can be changed while your system stays online.

Want to make your operations safer?

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