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Prove the value to you and feasibility of implementing one of our innovative data analytics solutions in just 3 weeks. We’ll structure, specify, validate, and report on your use case, so you know exactly what to do next. Makes getting the rest of the organization on board easier and quicker too. We work in 4 basic steps.

1. Use case

The 1st step in improving efficiency and safety in your operation is making a list of the major bottlenecks and prioritizing them.

2. Intake

Together we share experiences and define the scope. From the technical challenges to the business case and requirements. 

3. Quick Scan

This could be the technical feasibility of the advanced analytics or the stability of the edge data infrastructure.

4. Proof of value

Your main deliverable of the Quick Scan is the proof of value. When this is finished, we can see what’s possible with your use case.

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Edge data validation

Your use case requires combining analytics at the edge and data in the cloud. That brings challenges like security and how to get all the data into the cloud. During your Quick Scan, we’ll pilot our edge technology for you and prove the value of high-performing edge analytics with central monitoring.

Machine learning

Your use case needs advanced analytics carried out on vast amounts of sensor data. Your Quick Scan will be an Exploratory Data Analysis to score your data quality, validate the multivariate patterns and identify the basis for extra applications.

Computer vision

Your use case requires high-performing computer vision. During your Quick Scan, we’ll prove the repeatability of accurate analytics. We field test the hardware like cameras and Lidar and how our deep learning experience could solve your problem.

OSIsoft PI System audit

You’re not yet benefiting from all the capabilities of the OSIsoft PI System. For your Quick Scan, we’ll identify potential improvements in system health, AF structure, data quality, and infrastructure security.

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