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Prove the value and feasibility of our innovative analytics solution for your organization. We’ll structure, specify, validate, and report on your use case in just 3 weeks. Get a head start on optimising your operation by removing your bottlenecks!

Helin Quick Scan

The most important step in improving and challenging the status quo is having the guts to try. However, there are a lot of very valid arguments for not jumping off a skyscraper without a parachute. Why would you spend your improvement budget without proof it can get the job done? Our Quick Scan is an easy-to-implement proof of value for solving your edge analytics challenges.

1. Use case

1. Use case

If you want to improve efficiency and safety in your operation, it’s vital to have a prioritized list of the major bottlenecks. These optimization initiatives define the use cases to be solved.

2. Intake

2. Intake

It’s crucial to have a mutual understanding of all aspects of the use case. From its technical challenges to its business case, as well as the operational requirements. We share our experiences and define its scope together.

3. Quick Scan

3. Quick Scan

Together we validate the most critical elements within the scope of the use case. This could be the technical feasibility of our advanced analytics or the stability of our edge data infrastructure.

4. Proof of value

4. Proof of value

The main deliverable is your proof of value report. This could be the technical feasibility, the validated business value, or the operational impact of any future implementation. You now have your roadmap to full scale deployment.

Select your Quick Scan

Edge Data Validation

You operate remote assets. It’s important to perform analytics at the edge and to get all the data into the cloud to solve the problem you’re having. We pilot our edge technology and prove the value of high-performing edge analytics and centralized monitoring.

Machine Learning

Your use case requires advanced analytics on vast amounts of sensor data. We perform an Exploratory Data Analysis to score your data quality, validate the multivariate patterns and identify markers for additional applications.

Computer Vision

High-performing computer vision will solve your use case. We prove the repeatability of accurate analytics. We field test the required hardware (e.g. cameras, Lidar, etc.) and apply our deep learning expertise to solve your problem.

OSIsoft PI System Audit

You’re an OSIsoft PI System user, but you don’t benefit from all its capabilities. We perform a structured audit to identify improvements in system health: AF structure, data quality and infrastructure security.

Success stories

Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Improving offshore wind installation

IHC IQIP is an innovative OEM of piling equipment. They initiated a project to (1) provide end users with live insights on project progress and system state, and (2) enrich IQIP’s internal engineering department with long-term operational data.

Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Improving safety with deep learning

Maersk Drilling wanted to improve their operational safety and efficiency, by implementing a conditional red zone solution. We developed a vision-based AI solution to alert crews about any unsafe situations.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Making remote operations visible

Noble depends on satellite communication for their offshore rigs. They need to maximize their fleet’s operational performance. Local crews operate the rigs, with sporadic, centralized support. This requires sufficient visual context.

Viewport Smart Documents

Semantic datamining archived reports

EBN manages the interests of the Dutch government for the subsurface energy value chain. They provide insights and data to all the stakeholders from historical energy projects. Their goal is to improve the efficiency and safety of future projects.

Prove the value to your operation

Prove the value and feasibility of your business case in just 3 weeks. Contact us today!

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