Helin Platform

Helin provides data, applications & security in a single platform

You want to manage your operation remotely, with improved safety and lower staff costs, despite complex systems. You want access to advanced analytics at the edge, so you can share your operational insights throughout your fleet and optimize your bottom line. Fast, secure and at scale. The Helin Platform is there for you!

Data Collector

Our platform is the bridge between your data sources and applications. It creates the much-needed data integrity, quality, and security. Ingest operational data, provide structure and meta data, store for long-term in cloud.

App Manager

Utilize and expand your digital IP by deploying it throughout your fleet of assets. Improve efficiency and safety with real-time data and templates for each asset class. Manage all your containerized applications and templates inside our App Center.


Secure your platform with our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and multi-modal security. Encrypt your data offloading, updates, interfaces, and applications. Manage your remote edge devices to deploy & configure apps, manage your data and monitor your system's health.


How data contributes to your bottom line

IQIP is the leading, innovative OEM of pile driving and pile handling equipment. IQIP equipment is used worldwide by contractors for installing offshore wind turbines. As the market leader, it’s essential for IQIP to maintain that position. So, its goal is to continuously improve its user engagement and equipment performance.

Benefits for IQIP

Our platform was implemented to create a solid foundation for edge data & application management. Right from the start IQIP’s service engineers were able to pinpoint which digitally enabled assets needed operational updates. Over the air updates made it possible to raise the bar on the reliability of IQIP’s equipment and deliver a more proactive service to their customers.

Why use the Helin platform?


Demands on high-performance and scalable edge computation and monitoring are growing. Our platform gives you what you need. A low-overhead middleware ecosystem to unify your industrial data and deploy advanced analytics in a secure and scalable way.

Lower transmission costs

Minimize bandwidth consumption with our data compression, scheduling and dynamic frequency filters. 

Advanced platform security

Protect your data with multi-level security, including public key infrastructure (PKI), data encryption, obfuscation and industry-trusted authentication.

Managed for you

Support and maintenance services are available, including data management and edge platform services.

Better data

Improve your applications, analytics, and results. High quality data from multiple sources is time synchronized, combined, and processed.

User friendly application

Our platform combines industrial data, edge applications, and platform security in one user-friendly application.  

Quickest time to value

Less time and effort needed for data & app infrastructure, so you can focus on app development, deployment and harvesting the results.

By 2023, 50% of large enterprises will have a documented edge computing strategy, compared to less than 5% in 2020
Four essential steps to success

Implementation process

The key to increasing your competitive edge is to boost your strengths and get support for your challenges. Transform your vision into reality in four essential steps with our platform.

1. Use case & prioritization

We define and prioritize your use cases with you, sharing all our relevant experience.

2. Data & architecture

We validate your data, architecture, and support if you need extra items.

3. Analytics & visualization

We make insights available to you and enrich your data with advanced analytics.

4. Platform management

We deploy your scalable platform and ensure your people can take full ownership.

Want to learn more about the Helin platform?

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