Digital Twins: The Future of Operational Efficiency in the Marine & Energy Sectors

As we stand on the brink of another technological revolution, the rise of digital twins offers a transformative solution for businesses in the marine and energy sectors. Imagine if you could simulate every aspect of your asset - from solar panels to colossal cranes - and predict outcomes with uncanny accuracy. With our cutting-edge SaaS product, the Helin Platform, that’s not just a vision—it’s reality.

Digital Twins: The Future of Operational Efficiency in the Marine & Energy Sectors

Decoding the Digital Twin

At its core, a digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system. It exists to probe into 'what if' scenarios, with dual primary objectives: enhancing client satisfaction and significantly curtailing operational expenses.

Empowering New Services with Digital Twins

How do we expedite the implementation of new services using digital twins? It revolves around strengthening communication channels between clients and operations. By identifying blind spots, optimizing processes, and centralizing pivotal engineering data, we drastically diminish unplanned maintenance and operational expenses.

The Real-World Impact: A Glimpse

Consider the automation of a piling operation, empowered by a digital twin. This innovation paved the way for:

  • Diminished reliance on specialized staff for maintenance.
  • The luxury of remote control, slashing transportation expenses.
  • Automated piling, translating to reduced man-hours.
  • Enhanced accuracy and cost-efficiency via the autopilot—a cutting-edge navigation system that obviates the need for traditional map-reading during piling.

Seamless Integration of Novel Applications

With a digital twin at your disposal, ushering in groundbreaking solutions like the autopilot becomes seamless. It facilitates comprehensive knowledge about the system's intricacies, ensuring optimal estimates regarding necessities, gaps, and possibilities.

When is a Digital Twin Indispensable?

  1. Design Phase: Analyze engineering documentation and models, turning them into simulations for innovative designs.
  2. Development Phase: Ensure everything aligns with expectations and fine-tune scenarios built during the design phase.
  3. Operational Phase: Bolster documentation and scenarios to minimize unplanned maintenance and operational costs, while enriching the system with sensor data.

The Helin Platform: Your Gateway to Operational Efficiency

Our platform allows esteemed clients like Boskalis and Sunrock to craft digital twins of their industrial assets. From cutting down significant fuel expenses to modeling solar park efficiency, our platform serves as the foundational layer, fostering a symbiotic environment where teams and third-party entities can construct simulations and bring them to life.

Eager to slash operational costs with the prowess of a digital twin?

Dive into the transformative world of the Helin Platform and chart a course for unparalleled efficiency and sustainability. Our platform can help your company to significantly reduce operational costs.

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