Remote CCTV Manager

Helin's Remote CCTV Manager improves the efficiency and safety of your remote operations. It helps you share knowledge and experience over your whole fleet of assets. This tool allows you to stay in visual control of your remote operations. From everywhere. And at any time.

Live video streams

Show live video footage of your remote operations to any authorized person, at any location. Our advanced compression and transfer techniques ensure stable, good-quality video streams from your edge to cloud.

Cloud storage

All your video streams are stored in a secure Azure cloud tenant and temporarily at your remote asset. Optimize video recordings, so you can make them available to authorized engineers, managers and clients more easily.

Play back recordings

Recordings can be rewatched or downloaded for more analysis. Define who can or can’t watch and download videos with user roles.

Analytics & integration

Create automatic alerts based on events in the video stream using our numerous native analytics features. Detect people and objects and integrate with your machines and equipment.

How Helin's Remote CCTV Manager supports you

Optimized edge-to-cloud CCTV monitoring

In difficult situations, offshore crews need assistance, but operations managers and onshore experts often don’t have the visual contact they need to help solve the problem. Sharing knowledge and experience across the whole fleet increases operational efficiency and safety. That’s what Helin's Remote CCTV Manager does for you – it makes your entire operation visible, so you can solve operational problems quickly.


Making remote operations visible

Noble Corporation depends on satellite communications for their offshore rigs. We implemented our dedicated Remote CCTV Manager to stream their live video to shore.

Benefits for Noble

Helin's Remote CCTV Manager improves the efficiency and safety of Noble’s offshore operations by sharing knowledge and experience over their whole fleet of rigs. This essential tool allows them to stay in control of their remote assets. From any location. And at any time.

Why Helin's Remote CCTV Manager?

Make your operations safe & efficient

Live stream your CCTV video feeds. Enable experts and managers to assist teams in difficult situations in real time. Use recordings for post-event analysis.

In control & compliant

Put a spotlight on your entire operation and solve operational problems quickly using live video footage. Share CCTV footage with clients to meet their requirements and be compliant.

Efficiency & safety

Engage your experts and local teams to improve the safety and efficiency of your remote assets. Share knowledge and experiences across your entire fleet of assets, so everyone can learn from them.

Cost effective

Store optimized video footage in Microsoft Azure cloud and your full-resolution recordings at your remote location. Only streaming optimized video reduces data transmission costs substantially.

Want to stay in control of your remote assets?

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