Helin Platform

Data Collector

Our platform is the bridge between your data sources and applications. It creates the much-needed data integrity, quality, and security. Ingest operational data, provide structure and meta data, store for long-term in cloud.

Measuring data

This versatile data manager unifies your operational streaming data into structured MQTT. Ingest OPC UA, CAN bus, Modbus, and many more. It is your local buffer as well as having analytic capabilities and dynamic filtering for bandwidth optimization.

Structuring data

Structure your measured data and enrich it with the relevant context per asset. Apply dynamic filtering for bandwidth optimization and to only transfer essential data to your central cloud.

Storing data

Stay in control of your long-term data storage and asset benchmarking. Access all the data you need in the cloud. Use it to analyze your remote processes, develop and deploy apps at your edge and to keep an overview of your entire fleet.

Our platform key components

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