Realizing dreams together (and having fun)

Our ambitions are big, and our dreams are vivid. There’s so much we want to do. We’re confident about our skills because we’re always learning. At Helin, we eat complex puzzles for breakfast. Because we love being challenged. A lot. As well as sharing the fun with others. Are you a fit for our team?

Working at Helin

To work well at Helin you need to enjoy puzzles, working in a team, show understanding of bottlenecks and be motivated to improve the industry. On top of that you are curious about domain knowledge, have analytical problem-solving skills, as well as expertise in data analytics and software development. 

Our core values

Everybody is different, but there are certain characteristics we like to see in all of our colleagues.

Trust in Progress

Trust in Progress

Collaborative Growth

Collaborative Growth

Kind and Driven Teamwork

Kind and Driven Teamwork

Courage to Innovate

Courage to Innovate

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Why people love working here

Complex challenges

Leading the industry by solving complex technical and analytical challenges with AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.

A Diverse and Inclusive Culture

We work together as partners, within a complementary team, aiming for the stars and eager to learn. We share the good, the bad and the ugly and we don’t hesitate to help each other.


Freedom to take responsibility and initiative. Why settle for good if you can aim for the stars? We’re true to our talents and work hard to get the most out of them.

Personal development

Room for personal development and training. People, technology, and organizations are continuously evolving. That means we can learn something new every day.

Healthy Snacks

Enjoy the fresh fruits, small snacks, coffee, and tea (and perhaps an occasional slice of cake!). A great way to take a break and socialize with other team members.


Competitive salary that values your work and matches your expertise and experience.



What Helin really wants from you is that you develop yourself, seek for professionalism and unlock the full potential of what you can do.

I started at Helin as a Field Engineer just after I arrived in the Netherlands. Helin gave me the chance to develop my skills in a high Standard. Within the company I consider my colleagues more as friends and family rather than co-workers. 

Logistics Coordinator


The positive atmosphere, combined with the genuine enthusiasm of the employees I met, made me feel not only comfortable but excited about the prospect of joining the Helin team.

I am the Logistics Coordinator at Helin, where I play a pivotal role in our operations. The dynamic nature of my role keeps me engaged and challenges me daily. Being part of a team that values my contributions, even as a junior member, is immensely fulfilling.

Project Manager


The room to grow and the responsibilities management has given me from day one is something I really value.

Currently, I’m working as the Project Manager focusing on the implementation of our RedZone systems all around the world. I'm really curious where we will be heading in the future looking at the progression we have made over the past years.

Data Engineer


There is nothing more motivating and satisfying than seeing the results of your work making an impact in the real world.

As a computer science student, I could not have come to a better place than Helin. Because the company is so dynamic, I get to work on all kinds of unique projects, each filled with distinct goals and challenges. It's a perfect environment for me to constantly learn and improve!

Accounting Department


I enjoy my time here. The team is outstanding – a bunch of friendly people from different countries, but we all come together and work well as a team.

I'm the Admin and Payroll Specialist, handling the entire administration for Helin and managing the payroll for all my colleagues. It's a role that involves a variety of tasks, from insurance to payroll, and that's what keeps the job dynamic.

The Helin Team

Meet the Helin team of over 25 different nationalities! Our backgrounds are in aerospace engineering, energy industry, renewables, and academia. So, we're intensely curious. We want to understand exactly how things work and how they can be improved.

Want to join our team?

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