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Custom edge-to-cloud solutions

You want to innovate in your operation and offering to maximize your competitive advantage. So, you need dedicated edge analytics and a solid edge-to-cloud data infrastructure. In our technical improvement partnerships, we share our knowledge and experience in edge-to-cloud analytics solutions, so you can improve your operational efficiency and safety.

Helin custom software development

Helin offers one-of-a-kind technical skills in edge analytics. The biggest added value? Delivering improved efficiency. We bring all the stakeholders to the table during our projects. That includes your client, probably the most important one of all.

We use the agile path of least resistance leading to a successful solution: from MVP to a full-scale operational product. We keep control of progress, evolving insights and the overall budget during 3-week sprint cycles.

1. Define & Prioritize

1. Define & Prioritize

It’s crucial to have a shared understanding of project goals and the underlying business case if you want to develop successfully. So, we define the overall requirements together and agree to a fast and continuous delivery strategy. We prioritize functionality groups and define the minimum viable product (MVP).

2. Validate & Confirm

2. Validate & Confirm

Unchecked assumptions can easily lead to failure. We always strive to prevent that from happening. That’s why we will always push to validate all major business and operational assumptions. And we also confirm the feasibility of critical technical components. Better to be confident about your success than start too early and get stuck further down the line.

3. Develop & Implement

3. Develop & Implement

We make sure that a successful, scalable, and maintainable solution is implemented that everyone benefits from. We use a Microsoft DevOps pipeline to engage all the relevant stakeholders during development. We ensure the right software is created and knowledge is shared throughout the 3-week sprint cycles.

4. Maintain & Support

4. Maintain & Support

Intensive use of the application is key to enjoying improved operational efficiency and safety. To support you after development, we will always offer to take responsibility for the operational performance of our solutions and serve your continuous improvement. Whether through an SLA or shared development agreement.

What we do

Edge-to-cloud data infrastructures

We solve your problem of not enough data when and where you need it, by integrating your remote operations into a stable and scalable Edge-to-Cloud data infrastructure. Then we combine our Helin Polaris technology and centralized cloud management experience, so you have the data you need. Helin solutions excel in environments with limited connectivity/bandwidth, large amounts of data and industrial protocols and high interest in advanced analytics.

Computer Vision & Deep learning applications

We meet your need for high-performance advanced analytics. We implement our deep learning tools to develop dedicated algorithms at your edge or in the cloud. Your data is collected & analysed. Your algorithms are trained & optimized.

Give us your challenges with a high demand for real-time (low latency), high accuracy, high load (e.g. vision) and complex analytical (e.g. human behavior) performance and we will excel for you.

Sensor-Machine integration & analytics

We enhance your equipment by adding new sensors and integrating all your data sources. Integrate vision, time-series and contextual (project) data into one single manageable database. This enables you to shift from monitoring single-points to overall systems analysis.

We are highly skilled at integrating industrial data protocols, from CANbus, Modbus to OPC UA, analogue to digital.

Advanced edge monitoring solutions

We create, develop, implement and service dedicated edge monitoring solutions for you. This could be an operations monitoring platform to improve the engagement of your client, service department and operators or advanced safety monitoring solutions to improve real-time operational safety and performance.

We love multidisciplinary challenges, combining multiple technologies with internal and external stakeholders and at different operational stages: we deliver the goods.

Our partners

Success stories

Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Improving offshore wind installation

IHC IQIP is an innovative OEM of piling equipment. They initiated a project to (1) provide end users with live insights on project progress and system state, and (2) enrich IQIP’s internal engineering department with long-term operational data.

Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Improving safety with deep learning

Maersk Drilling wanted to improve their operational safety and efficiency, by implementing a conditional red zone solution. We developed a vision-based AI solution to alert crews about any unsafe situations.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Making remote operations visible

Noble depends on satellite communication for their offshore rigs. They need to maximize their fleet’s operational performance. Local crews operate the rigs, with sporadic, centralized support. This requires sufficient visual context.

Viewport Smart Documents

Semantic datamining archived reports

EBN manages the interests of the Dutch government for the subsurface energy value chain. They provide insights and data to all the stakeholders from historical energy projects. Their goal is to improve the efficiency and safety of future projects.


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