Consultancy & Custom Development

You want to maximize your competitive advantage. That means innovating in your operation and offerings. Dedicated edge analytics in a solid edge-to-cloud infrastructure give you the data you need to innovate. In our technical improvement partnerships, we share our knowledge and experience with you, so you can improve your efficiency, safety, and innovative power.

Edge application development

Create, develop, implement and service dedicated edge monitoring applications with a customized service by Helin.

Algorithm containerization

Move your algorithm developed in house into a production ready, containerized edge application.

Computer vision & deep learning

Receive high performance advanced analytics by implementing our deep learning tools. Dedicated algorithms at your edge.

Sensor machine integration

Advance your equipment by adding new sensors and integrating all your data sources. Automate in line with your vision.

Agile development

How we work

We use the agile path of least resistance leading to a successful solution: from MVP to a full-scale operational product. We keep control of progress, evolving insights and the overall budget during 2-week sprint cycles.

1. Define & prioritize

Successful development needs a shared understanding of the project goals and business case. That’s why we develop the requirements together and agree on a fast, continuous delivery strategy. To do this, we prioritize functionalities and define the minimum viable product (MVP).

2. Validate & confirm

Unchecked assumptions often become errors. We always strive to avoid this. That’s why we validate all the major business and operational assumptions. And we confirm the feasibility of critical technical components too. It’s better to start confident about your success than get stuck further down the line.

3. Develop & implement

Everyone benefits from implementing a successful, scalable, and maintainable solution. We use a Microsoft DevOps to engage stakeholders during development. This means the right software is created and knowledge is shared during the 2-week sprint cycles.

4. Maintain & support

To support you after development finishes, we will always offer to take responsibility for the operational performance of our solutions. We’ll also be happy to support your continuous improvements in your operational efficiency and safety. Either through an SLA or shared development agreement.


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