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We put you in control of your industrial analytics

Solving complex puzzles is one of our greatest joys. Our favorite puzzles let us combine our analytical problem solving with empathy for our stakeholders’ business needs. We see our expertise in advanced analytics and edge computing as tools to develop amazing solutions for you together.

Along the way, we’ve discovered three critical success factors for our projects: business value, partnership and engagement.

Business value

Solutions should always contribute to your bottom line.


The best solutions are created together with our clients.


Staff ideas and motivation generate far reaching benefits.

We are Helin

Helin unlocks the full potential of industrial assets with its game-changing SaaS platform. This edge-to-cloud analytics platform is tailored to the marine and energy sectors, seamlessly managing edge devices. It combines local artificial intelligence with a centrally managed data infrastructure for more accuracy, reduced network congestion and lower costs.

Our Purpose

Shaping a better world by upgrading the present

Our Mission

To unlock the full potential of industrial assets

Data driven revolution

We aim to redefine industry norms, leading a data-driven revolution in the maritime and energy sectors.

Efficient, secure, and sustainable

We strive to transform 'dumb' assets, such as cranes, vessels, solar panels, and oil rigs, into 'smart', efficient, secure, and sustainable powerhouses.

Uncover billions in potential savings

By tapping into the immense wealth of available real-time data with our platform and leveraging artificial intelligence, we can uncover billions in potential savings for our clients.

Smarter and more sustainable world

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the building of a smarter and more sustainable world.

Our Values

We believe life is all about becoming all you can be. One puzzle at a time. This is true for the company and for everyone in our team.

Trust in Progress

Trust in Progress

We embrace failures as stepping stones, trust in the process, and strive for sustainable and scalable success. We’re in it for the long haul.

Collaborative Growth

Collaborative Growth

We learn from our customers. We co-create and iterate our product. We challenge the status quo and understand that perfection is a journey, not a destination.

Kind and Driven Teamwork

Kind and Driven Teamwork

We are goal-oriented, proactive and take ownership, but kindness guides us. Teamwork isn’t just working together, it’s uplifting each other.

Courage to Innovate

Courage to Innovate

We always find room for improvement. We have the courage to try, fail, learn quickly, and keep refining until our solutions hit the mark. Step by step, we build the perfect product.

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Our Team

Our backgrounds are in aerospace engineering, energy industry, renewables, and academia. So, we're intensely curious. We want to understand exactly how things work and how they can be improved. Would you fit our team?

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