Smart Solar Solution

Solar farms always want to optimize their utilization and production. To do this, two things are key: asset management and asset control. This needs accurate high-fidelity telemetry data and an edge computing infrastructure. Helin’s Smart Solar Solution is plug-and-play middleware that connects your solar farm to your asset and energy management systems. It puts you in charge of your solar farm at the lowest possible cost.

Data unification

The telemetry data from your inverters, temperature and irradiation sensors and batteries is collected, structured, and unified. Common pre-configured interfaces for brands like SMA, Sungrow, Huawei and others are all covered (including Sunspec for Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP).

Curtailment API

Our Solar Control Module enables curtailment in the inverters and changing battery setpoints. Your energy management system can control the solar farm in line with your energy strategy using the API. This allows you to protect your energy strategy.

Cyber security

The Smart Solar solution is equipped with the highest cyber security standards, including encryption and monitoring of pipelines, modules and data. Our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ensures continuous monitoring and renewal of asynchronous keys. The system health is being constantly monitored.

Managed middleware

Get the complete solution as a managed service, resulting in minimum overhead for you and the fastest time-to-value to maximize your solar impact. We will provide the edge devices that are configured for your system setup. We monitor the state of the infrastructure and our support is there to help you when needed.

How the Smart Solar solution supports you

Fully managed middleware for your solar farm

Smart Solar is a fully managed middleware solution. It is a scalable and secure bridge between your solar farm and asset & energy management systems.

Edge computer

Our solution comes with a customizable edge computer that will be installed at your solar farm. This weather resistant box includes connectors to your digital and analogue systems, plus the connectivity to offload the data into your database.

Streaming data

The telemetry data from your inverters, batteries and sensors will be securely streamed to the desired endpoint. That could be in the cloud or directly into your asset & energy management systems. Streaming occurs up to once per second.

Smart Solar API

The solution comes with the Smart Solar Control Module, allowing you to manage the inverter and battery settings from your Energy Management System (EMS). Curtail the inverters or peak shave any excess solar energy. It’s your choice.


Creating a smart solar grid

Sunrock is the largest solar energy company in The Netherlands. We implemented our smart energy middleware solution to monitor and control their solar farms in the most optimal way.

Benefits for Sunrock

Our Smart Solar Solution puts Sunrock in charge of their solar energy management. Integration with their asset management increases uptime. Control over inverter management increases revenues by trading energy output for spot market prices.

Why Helin's Smart Solar Solution?

We put you in charge of your solar farm

The fast-evolving solar industry demands agility in operating solar assets and in optimizing production. The Smart Solar Solution helps you take charge of your different assets with your uniform energy strategy.

Standardize assets

You need to standardize your operation, but want to be able to use different brands of inverters and batteries. We enable you to select the right brand for your farm, while keeping your management unified.

Increase revenues

Curtailing your inverters and peak-shaving your production increases your revenues by up to 25%. This will become even more important as increasing congestion causes increasing issues on the grid.

Manage costs

The Smart Solar Solution is plug-and-play, low-overhead middleware. It means you don’t have to build a large infrastructure team and allows you to pay full attention to the analytics and control instead.


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