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Making remote operations visible

Noble Corporation operates 25 offshore drilling rigs and depends on satellite communications to run its operation. Local crews operate the remote platforms, but also rely on centralized support from management and engineers. To stream their live video to shore we implemented our dedicated edge-to-cloud CCTV solution.


Noble clients and management need to be able to view operations at the remote platforms to manage operations and compliance.


Helin's Remote CCTV Manager: an effective remote CCTV monitoring solution with dedicated hardware, optimized video streams and Azure cloud technology.  


Improved collaboration between local crew and centralized management; Noble clients have secure and reliable access to dedicated video feeds. 


There are 2 main challenges to monitoring live operations remotely via video:


Remote operations communicate with land via satellite. Satellite communication has a limited bandwidth and high latency. Standard monitoring solutions won't work in this situation. Advanced compression is required to reduce the bandwidth consumption to around 100 kbit/s for 8 cameras at a framerate of at least 5fps. 


It's essential to keep operational data safe. That means the highest possible security standards are needed for data transfer and storage. At the same time, different user groups need to be able to access this data - internal Noble staff as well as managers at Noble's client. So, granting the right kind of access to the right people is important too.


We developed a lightweight remote monitoring solution that combines dedicated hardware, optimized video streams and Azure cloud technology. An offshore CCTV monitoring server records and stores high-resolution streams locally. Optimized resolution streams are offloaded and then stored in an MS Azure cloud environment. Only the right people can access the right data because of the integration with Active Directory.

Live video streams

Provide live video footage of their remote operations to any authorized person at any location. Our special compression and transfer techniques ensure stable video streams right from your edge to your cloud. 

Cloud storage

Local storage at the remote assets is temporary, while all video streams are stored in an Azure cloud. Optimized video recordings are available to all authorized stakeholders. 

Analytics & integration

Numerous native analytics features create automated alerts based on selected events in the video stream. Additional analytics can be added when required.


Helin's Remote CCTV Manager improves the efficiency and safety of Noble’s offshore operations. Operational knowledge and experience are shared over their whole fleet of rigs. This is an essential tool that allows Noble to stay in visual control of their remote assets, from any location, at any time. 


CCTV data is available to Noble’s clients as required, in a secure and scalable manner.

Optimized bandwidth

Compression and optimization lead to a minimum consumption of satellite bandwidth. 

Managed service

The whole solution is provided as a managed service, resulting in minimum overhead for Noble. 

Detection analytics

Automatic event detection makes using recordings for training, HSE briefings and analysis easy. 

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