Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Your premier edge-to-cloud data infrastructure

The key to optimizing remote operations is accurate high-performance edge analytics combined with stable, centralized cloud monitoring and management. Polaris leaves IoT and general edge devices miles behind with its broad compatibility with industrial protocols, high computational capacity, scalability, and centralized management.

Polaris: maximize performance of remote operations

Get the most out of your remote operations. Increase usage and performance. Monitor your fleet of planes, trains, and automobiles (or ships). Carry out advanced analytics right on your process and optimize for latency and performance.

Integrate your complete chain of subsystems to avoid vendor lock-in. Relax knowing you have the highest data quality and stability. We provide you with the premier edge infrastructure you need to implement and manage your integrated performance optimization applications.

up to 100Hz

Edge specific
advanced analytics


overhead cost

Main drivers for edge analytics

There are good reasons edge computation and analysis is growing every day. Here are four of them:

Low latency requirement

Analytics results often need to be calculated real-time, like alerts or solutions to inform local operations. Edge analysis makes real-time calculation possible.

Manageability of the fleet

The volume of sensor data at the edge can be huge. So, it makes sense to only collect the essentials in the central cloud. Edge analytics keeps the entire data infrastructure manageable.

Bandwidth limitations & cost

Smart edge analytics reduce data transfer and, as a result, connectivity costs. In some situations, there is only enough bandwidth to transfer results. Edge analytics reduces your reliance on bandwidth.

Data sovereignty & compliance

Regulations and customer standards require limited data permissions and stringent data security. This sometimes means you’re not able to send all the data to a cloud endpoint. Edge analytics helps keep your data safe.

Why use Polaris?

Edge analytics that outperforms general IoT

Polaris offers you high-performance edge analytics. General IoT platforms only process limited data. Go beyond linear calculations and capture the level of detail that is so valuable to you.

    • Assets have their own characteristics; capture these with asset-specific algorithms
    • Use cases that require real-time analysis or processing high data volumes are now viable
    • Deploy ML and deep learning models directly at your assets, while keeping management central

Increase the accuracy of your analysis and maximize performance based on asset-specific insights.

Scalable edge-to-cloud infrastructure

We have designed Polaris to be scalable for any operational complexity and growth. We look beyond successful pilots and always keep your future roll-out in mind.

    • No minimum (nor maximum) nodes in your infrastructure
    • Dynamic filtering options manage your data flows
    • Centralized device/node management minimizes overhead

There is always an infrastructure to suit your operation and business case.

Minimize overhead via centralized management

With Polaris you don’t have to depend on expensive, remote support. Improve overall uptime and lower costs by centrally managing your secure edge-to-cloud data analytics infrastructure.

    • Create edge-specific configurations to get the most out of your asset-specific performance
    • Use standardized templates to make management as easy as possible
    • Secure data transfer and access protocols

Stay in control of your infrastructure and make it the core of your integrated fleet approach.

Polaris functionalities


Visualization & Reporting

  • Edge visualization
  • Automated reporting
  • Alarm management
  • Sensor quality control


Analytics & Transforming

  • Edge calculations
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • Sound analysis


Data Pipeline & Storage

  • Data ingestion
  • Data structuring
  • Edge buffering & storage
  • Connectivity
  • Cloud sync
  • Interfacing (API)
  • Docker containers


Management & Security

  • Authentication & authorization
  • User profiles
  • System health
  • Device management

An edge node for any application

Choose from a range of Polaris nodes to fit all your application needs. Build your edge infrastructure with these complementary nodes.

Make sure your systems are running, limited sensor data

  • OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus interfaces
  • 2 data points per minute
  • Edge storage and buffering
  • Cloud visualization
  • System health
  • Device management
  • Email support

Focus on data pipeline, large data volumes, basic analytics

  • Up to 100Hz sampling
  • Basic edge calculations
  • Static frequency filters
  • API access
  • Alarm management
  • Connectivity options

Focus on analytics, large data volumes, advanced analytics

  • Dynamic frequency filtering
  • Advanced edge calculations
  • Edge visualization
  • Automatic reporting
  • Deep learning and AI upgrade options

Interested in Polaris?

Contact us to learn more about how Polaris will improve your remote operation. Use our advanced edge-to-cloud infrastructure to optimize your fleet.

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Solution partners

Success stories

Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Improving offshore wind installation

IHC IQIP is an innovative OEM of piling equipment. They initiated a project to (1) provide end users with live insights on project progress and system state, and (2) enrich IQIP’s internal engineering department with long-term operational data.

Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Improving safety with deep learning

Maersk Drilling wanted to improve their operational safety and efficiency, by implementing a conditional red zone solution. We developed a vision-based AI solution to alert crews about any unsafe situations.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Making remote operations visible

Noble depends on satellite communication for their offshore rigs. They need to maximize their fleet’s operational performance. Local crews operate the rigs, with sporadic, centralized support. This requires sufficient visual context.

Viewport Smart Documents

Semantic datamining archived reports

EBN manages the interests of the Dutch government for the subsurface energy value chain. They provide insights and data to all the stakeholders from historical energy projects. Their goal is to improve the efficiency and safety of future projects.

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