A single view of all your technical documentation

In everyday life people waste masses of time searching for the latest version, the right drawing, the correct part. Viewport dismantles your maze of technical documents and data.

That means you can access the right knowledge with one click and massively improve your organizational efficiency

Stop searching, find the right document, locate knowledge instantly

Viewport creates a centralized, digital database of all your documents and information in a single view. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to cross-reference data and documents on multiple information systems. Our powerful data engine makes sure you can access the right information instantly, at the touch of a button.

Benefits for your operation

Save search time

Save search time

Save up to 40% of your workload by finding all your technical information in a single portal. No need to remember which system provides what information anymore.

Improve your information quality

Improve your information quality

Viewport identifies and marks broken links, misspelt and missing documents. Ensure everybody can find accurate and up-to-date documentation.

Combine disciplines

Combine disciplines

Viewport connects your asset data to your (scanned) documents, drawings, and CAD files. Multi-disciplinary teams can find all the information they need in one single portal.

What Viewport offers you

Combine 150+
file types

Tag number

Sensor data




Meta data


Dedicated Viewport Services by Helin

OSIsoft PI plugin for Viewport

Improve your operational insights and decision making by combining your technical documentation with live data from your equipment. Our OSIsoft PI plugin for Viewpoint allows you to see the current state or historic trend of, for example, a valve directly in your P&ID drawings. This makes technical and operational discussions easier and improves your decision making.

OSIsoft Asset Framework Jump-Start

Our OSIsoft AF Jump Start reduces the cost of implementing your Asset Framework by up to 90%. Your knowledge base is structured, and your Asset Framework is organized in four steps. Helin's AF Jump Start is a structured tool to implement OSIsoft’s AF in a fast and easy way. Jump start your AF and create your digital twin today!


Your legacy documents and systems lack uniform tags and document naming and/or coding conventions. Our Tag-Doc Unification service offers you a fast and easy way to quality check your documentation and unify your desired Tag-Doc convention. This uses the power of Viewport to minimize time and costs and to ensure your complete document base is included.

Solution partners

Success stories

Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Improving offshore wind installation

IHC IQIP is an innovative OEM of piling equipment. They initiated a project to (1) provide end users with live insights on project progress and system state, and (2) enrich IQIP’s internal engineering department with long-term operational data.

Polaris edge-to-cloud platform

Improving safety with deep learning

Maersk Drilling wanted to improve their operational safety and efficiency, by implementing a conditional red zone solution. We developed a vision-based AI solution to alert crews about any unsafe situations.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Making remote operations visible

Noble depends on satellite communication for their offshore rigs. They need to maximize their fleet’s operational performance. Local crews operate the rigs, with sporadic, centralized support. This requires sufficient visual context.

Viewport Smart Documents

Semantic datamining archived reports

EBN manages the interests of the Dutch government for the subsurface energy value chain. They provide insights and data to all the stakeholders from historical energy projects. Their goal is to improve the efficiency and safety of future projects.

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