Innovative Edge-to-Cloud Analytic Solutions

About Helin

Solving complex puzzles is one of our greatest joys. Our favourite puzzles let us combine our analytical problem solving with empathy for all the stakeholders and their business needs.

Our expertise in advanced analytics and edge computing is a tool to develop your solutions. Our understanding of operational processes can activate engagement to push your solution way beyond a ‘simple’ technical solution to a technical problem. We deliver the efficiency and safety you need by creating edge analytics solutions that will amaze you.

Solving fascinating puzzles together

We have backgrounds in aerospace engineering, energy industry, renewables, and the academic world. This makes us intensely curious. We want to understand exactly how things work and how they can be improved. Along the way, we’ve discovered three critical success factors for our projects: business value, partnership and engagement.

Business value: Each solution must contribute to your bottom line.
Partnership: We find the best answers by working together with our clients.
Engagement: Without this, you can never materialize the benefits of solutions.

Our team

Henk van den Brink

Backend Developer


Gunduzhan Coban

Data Engineer


Helmy Elalfy

OSIsoft PI System Architect


Raúl Castro Estévez

Backend Developer


Matej Grobelnik

Backend Developer


Martijn Handels

Technical Director


Youp 't Hart

Data Analyst


Hiresh Jadoenathmissier

Backend Developer


Bob Jung

E&I Engineer


Joost Lasschuit

Managing Director


Bram Masselink

Managing Director


Wouter van Nierop

Full Stack Developer


Luuk Peters

Marketing Support


Arie Rolloos

Sales Director


Sylvia Romeijn-Degenaar

Administrative Officer


Hugo Serra

E&I Engineer


Jari Stensen

Front-end Developer


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Our values

We believe life is all about becoming all you can be. One puzzle at a time. This is true for the company and for everyone in our team.

Partnership and trust

Partnership and trust make our lives more productive, successful, and fun. We love sharing ideas and ambitions. In fact, we prefer collaborating over working alone. That way you learn and achieve more and so do we. Share our trust and partnership, and we all benefit.

Complementary team

Everybody is unique, and nobody can do everything by themselves. Combining our complementary talents can lead to amazing results. But we’re also not afraid to tell you up front where we’re less strong. That way you won’t get any unwanted surprises down the road (we want to support your bottom line, not protect our egos).

Lifelong learning

People, technology, and organizations are continuously evolving. That means we can learn something new every day. We are a curious bunch who want to understand exactly how things work (and we mean exactly). We love challenging today’s limits and including you on our journey of innovation to take things further every day.

Aim for the stars

Why settle for good if you can aim for the stars? We’re true to our talents and work hard to get the most out of them. It’s exciting to go beyond what is expected. Bring on the challenges!

We are family

We work together as partners, within a complementary team, aiming for the stars and eager to learn. We share the good, the bad and the ugly and we don’t hesitate to help each other.

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